Für den Newsletter der ABS – Austro-British Society publizierte der Editor in chief, Fred Fruth, einen Beitrag über Jochen Ressel’s UK-Bezug:


A NOSTALGIC WHO´S WHO. In dieser neuen Serie stellen sich die Mitglieder des ABS Vorstands den Mitgliedern vor – mit einem unterhaltsamen Hinweis auf ihre persönliche Verbindung zum british way of life, zu society, community, zum United Kingdom im allgemeinen. Gleich ob aktuell oder aus der Vergangenheit, stets mit einem empathischen Bezug zur Gegenwart, Brexit hin oder her.

Heutiger Gast: Jochen Ressel


“Indeed, it’s me in the age of 21, only a few month after I started to work as a Marketing Manager  for Letraset in Austria and had to visit my first international meeting in Esselte Group’s HQ at 4, Buckingham Gate – hence the photo was taken in front of the Queen Victoria Memorial right in front of Buckingham Palace, only 5 mins away from our offices.

At that time, I hadn’t had a clue what happened in only 2 years: After being promoted from Marketing Management Letraset to Esselte Austria, after the take-over of Bene Office Products, after getting responsiblity as Sales & Marketing Manager Austria & Switzerland, I started only 2 years later to work for Esselte HQ London as an International Product Manager for Electronic Filing Systems.

What exiting times I experienced there! And it led me finally to the Austro British-Society and my career can’t go any further than to be a boardmember of our honorable society.”